Friday, June 05, 2009

Your Students Write Alot? Apparently, Mine Don't.

This morning, during our last class of the year, I asked my Latin I students to blog about their experience learning in a paperless classroom. This was my favorite response:
I love using the internet. It is very easy and requires no writing.

I cut-and-pasted this student's blog into a Word doc.

And it turned out to be 156 pages long.

Entirely written by the student.

Not even counting comments.

No writing.


Another case of using technology in such a way that the students don't even realize that they are working and learning.


  1. That is incredible. I love it when students learn and have so much fun doing it that they don't realize how much they are learning.

  2. I think being paperless is more effective to learn. When a student learn having fun then it is more effective and he never forgets it. NYSTCE CST


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