Monday, June 29, 2009

How Am I Doing?

To start, here are your Tweeple of the day: @teacherman79 and @nashworld.

Second thing, so I've been doing this NECC thing now for two days. I've seen grown men dressed as data-storage and I've watched dedicated educators make hand-made Tech Anarchist garb. I've been screamed at by the cast of the new PBS Electric Company 2.0 and I've been cursed at by various well-meaning Australians. I've learned how to avoid coffee and food lines and I've become an expert at sneaking into closed sessions. I've managed to get my principal to start a Twitter account and I've managed to lose a party of VR gamers in ChinaTown (not my intention).

So I'd like to know, in terms of my blog posts and Tweets: how am I doing?

Don't hold back. I'm sure I will have gotten harsher criticism from my students, and I expect nothing less from my readers.

Just remember: this ain't Ed Week. They're pros. I'm just a loose cannon with a souped-up iBook G4.

All I've tried to do is mind-send my thoughts, observations, hyperboles, confessions, and occasional provocations out there to all of you whether you are at NECC or at rest comfy in your own homes.

I hope this is working.

And for the record, I fully realize that I am not a journalist... but that doesn't stop me from scoffing up their pastries in the press room.

Thanks again ISTE Connects for the chance to cover the conference. Tomorrow I turn up the heat.


  1. Enjoying your posts as always. You are helping me be a part of NECC09 virtually. Keep calling it as you see it.

  2. loving it -- just found your blog about 2 weeks ago and am finding it very insightful

  3. I love me some "Loose Cannon" journalism. I'd love to have you post more conversations challenging the good folks on the exhibit floor. Very entertaining.

    I think you are doing a fab job and I'm looking forward to reading much more from the perspective of the everyday teacher.

    Well done!

  4. I have followed your blogs religiously the last few days. You are fantastic, a great thinker, and most importantly an advocate for students. I am inspired by all of your blogs and am impressed with the applications for learning via digital technology that you suggest. Bravo. However, after reading your piece on Gladwell and even though I agreed with your take on it, it did cause me to reflect... that you and Gladwell are quite different kinds of learners. You process understanding in quite different ways...something that we "adult" educators must remember as we educate all students. Keep up the good work, and thank you.

  5. An excellent job over the last few days. Thanks.

  6. Bravo, encore, here here!

    You're right on it!

    I hear echoes of Ginsberg, Kaufman, Kerouac and Burroughs reverberating throughout your work.

    I started following your blog and twitter musings a few days ago and have been devouring your posts and sharing your work with my colleagues. I hope soon to share excerpts of your work on my Amplify page.

    Keep on keeping it real.

    Your coverage of the conference thus far has been so insightful and descriptive that I thought I was there on the floor with you.

    Your students and all of us out here in cyberspace are privileged.


  7. I know you might have wanted to hear some critisism, but I have nothin' but kudos. I am only able to attend NECC virtually, so keep looking for the real stuff that gets us teachers and kids learning the 21st century skills together. Help us see through the fear others build up.

  8. Just found your blog (after sitting next to you in a session yesterday and looking over at your laptop a few times). Just skimmed your NECC posts and am amazed by your ability to process what's going on and share it through your own filter- and do it all so quickly. I look forward to spending some time reading over the rest of your blog!


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