Saturday, June 06, 2009

Top Viewed Articles on TeachPaperless

According to Feedburner, these are the top ten most viewed posts so far on TeachPaperless. Thought I'd post the links here for folks new to the blog to catch up with the conversation we've been having.

1. Trust
2. Security and Monitoring of Online Tests
3. What Makes a Great Teacher a Great Teacher in the 21st Century
4. Don't Block: Educate
5. Technology and Museum Education
6. Facilitating Interactive, Multi-sensory Grammar Review
7. Technology Is Not the Goal
8. Educational Technology: Don't Fit it In
9. Don't Be Afraid to Talk Openly to Your Parents About Social Media
10. The 21st Century vs. Classical Education

In addition, here are the collection of posts on using Twitter in the Classroom that many folks have asked about:

1. Best Practices in a Twitter-enhanced High School Classroom
2. Latin Test Via Twitter
3. High School Sophomores Weigh in On Using Twitter in the Classroom
4. Twitter for Teachers
5. Using Twitter in the Classroom

If you don't see anything in these two lists that strikes your fancy, well hopefully there is something useful to you among the 325 posts written here over the last four and a half months. And as always, please comment and tell me what you would like to talk about here on .

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