Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Chat: How Will Social Media Effect the Future of Assessment?

In my class, blogging is the primary form of assessment. Everything from vocab dictation quizzes to student posts on the ties between history and current events gets thrown up onto the students' blogs.

I originally started doing this as a way to develop portfolio reviews so that the students would have an easy-to-use resource for studying for the exams. Along the way, I discovered that the blogs themselves were a much better indicator of student understanding than the exams.

Now I'm weighing whether the exams are even worth it.

This Week's Friday Chat will be at 1PM EST on June 19th

The topic will be: How Will Social Media Effect the Future of Assessment?

How will the integration of social media into assessment effect the authority of final exams and high stakes tests as 'authentic' indicators of student understanding and achievement?

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