Thursday, June 11, 2009

Like I Need a Second Life...

So I feel like I haven't given Second Life a fair shake in the past. Could be that as a pretty avid gamer, I'm rather appalled at the quality of the environment in SL compared to most MMOGs. That said, I'm willing to spend sometime this summer looking through and taking part in some of the prof development offerings SL has to offer teachers.

Currently, I'm hanging out on ISTE Island. Lots and lots of info, tutorials, and general help available here; seems like a good place for an ed tech SL newb to start out.

One of the odd things that I've noticed already, though: compared to the MMOGs I'm used to, Second Life is very quiet. Kinda ghostly.

But that could just be a matter of where I've found myself.

So, I think I could use a little advice from some of you SL regulars. A few basic questions I've got: What have been the pros and cons of your experience using SL? Do you find it a worthy forum for prof dev? What are the best sites and hang-outs in SL for an educational technologist looking to integrate virtual environments into the classroom experience?

And is there somewhere I can find a better haircut?

I'm sure I'll find answers to these and all of Second Life's more vexing questions, 'til then, look for Caesar Coleslaw hanging out around ISTE Island.


  1. You started out well by going to ISTE. They have a good resource area and orientation. I would also suggest going over to Virtual Ability or New Media Consortium for comprehensive orientation.

    Explore the EduIslands of which there are currently 6. Visit the DEN, TNC, see what Seminole County FL has built for their teacher pd. My office at the Senior Project Center on Eduisland II may be of interest since your school has a SP program.

    I will friend you in SL... I am Emilia Cornwall.

  2. Well, I was quite enamored with SL until I joined the ranks in WoW. I still like SL for meeting and PD. It is like being in a conference (sort of) and chatting, etc. with others. ISTE is great as well as the DEN (Discovery Educators). If you are at NECC, there is an SL playground being held all 3 days for newbies and experts alike to learn and get together. I am Ludovica Muhindra (made my name years ago and should have changed it!)

  3. As a new teacher (but old person) I can honestly say that most of what I have learned about tech integration I learned via SL in some way. My district is quite behind, so I have had to learn on my own. I accidentally found out about ISTE through SL. It has made all the difference for someone like me. I have learned so much in one year. Look for me in SL during the conference, I will be working the SL sandbox in-world. Penelope Drucker/Penny Burger


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