Thursday, June 11, 2009

Now THAT'S a list.

@MagistraM tweets:
Weird list of top 100 ed-related folks, don't you think? Not too many K12 and lots of those marketing to educators.


The iThinkMedia list of 100 educators is useful for finding folks deeply involved in thinking about ed tech, but it's definitely heavy on the higher-ed side... as well as folks involved in industry and research.

And, yes, some of the folks mentioned are just downright silly in terms of being one of the 'top 100' ed tech Twitterers. No insult implied, but I mean, the president of Ohio State University?!?

No hate mail, please.

So, a list of 100 Ed Twitterers not good enough for you? Ok, then... how about 1500?

The EdTech Twibe started by Steve Katz is much more comprehensive with over 1500 Twitterers from all walks of the education life. And lots of these folks are actually K-12 classroom teachers.

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