Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Impressions: NECC 2009

First thoughts about NECC. This is my first time attending, and I'm pretty impressed.

Structurally: This thing is a monster. There is so much going on. I'm in awe of the catering and event staff. I watched them fix a downed monitor, reset a Wi-Fi deadzone, and manage to score extra bottles of champagne for the gala (on a Sunday in DC). These folks are beasts.

As for the attendees: I've noticed, in loose anthropological terms, three types of people.

First are the educators. You notice them quickly. Because they are the folks who are smiling huge ridiculous smiles. They are smiling because (anomalous to many of their ed conference experiences) they are actually attending a conference that they WANT to attend. They are also meeting people they are mostly used to seeing only in itsy-bitsy Twitter profile photos. It's quite invigorating to talk to these folks.

Second are the leaders in ISTE and the various committees. They are somewhat similar to the general educator rabble, except in that few if any of them are wearing a bookbag. And in general, they have nicer haircuts. And they all seem to know the proper way to hold a champagne glass. I bet they go back to the hotel to play Bridge.

Finally are the sales/demonstration/booth folk. Booth folk. I like that. They are the professionals. I saw a guy work out an on-the-fly problem regarding a full-sized monster suit and a missing badge. These people are pros. And they are also sort of like tech carnies. And I can't wait to get on the floor with them tomorrow.

'Til then. Good night (once you close down Twitter).

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  1. So teachers don't know how to hold a champagne glass? What a strange observation.


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