Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's a School Day?

In a session on ‘Engaging the Digital Generation’, Vicki Davis brought up a really interesting point about global connections that I hadn’t thought about.

And it’s not some big conceptual thing and it’s not some little touchy-feely thing; it’s a practical thing.

A practical thing with rather profound implications:


A true real-time global classroom can’t expect to work on a North American school-day schedule.

You want your kids to understand what ‘global’ means?

Have them participate in a real-time session with students in Australia… during the Australian kids’ regular school day.

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  1. My 7th graders once participated in a live chat with students from Armenia. My students had to arrive at 7am, the Armenians were staying after school. Armenians talked about the genocide, Americans talked about KKK and right to march, civil rights. My students were late to their first class. The Armenians were late to dinner. A good time was had by all. Those students will graduate next year and they still talk about it.


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