Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ISTE is taking it to the Hill

ISTE is taking it to the Hill:
ISTE is taking advantage of NECC being in the nation's capital by providing you with the opportunity to go to the Hill and share your ideas and success stories with your Senators and Congressional Members.

And, in preparation, they have just launched their Twitter Advocacy Group:
To get involved and see what people are posting you need to follow us at http://twitter.com/isteadvocacy and then follow the group.

I'll be following all of this action next week and will be updating this blog many times daily and live-blogging via Cover it Live. Follow my Tweets via @TeachPaperless for the most recent info.

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  1. I'll be one of those folks up there that day. I'm a little nervous, but very excited about the opportunity to advocate for EdTech. I've prepared a written statement... Let me know what you think..



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