Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Closing Up Tuesday at NECC


That wasn't a bored yawn. That was an exhausted yawn.

More like: YAAWWWNNNN...

Day 3 of my Tour-du-NECC and I'm blogging from the remains of the student showcase area. Me and a security guard and a few straggling bloggers.

Before I forget, here are the Tweeple of the Day: first up is @JDPennington, a teacher from NJ; he's going 1:1 in the fall and wants to have all his Spanish students using Diigo. Next up is @dragonsinger57 who taught me the difference between 'vortices' and 'vertices'.

Most of the action this afternoon, at least here in the convention center, was over on the 140s wing and in the Bloggers' Cafe. ISTE came around Ustreaming from the cafe and they've uploaded that here. You may want to stop the video short lest toward the end, during the interview of some weird bearded blogger dude who goes by the name of TechPepperless or something like that, yr video card be disrupted; don't have any idea who that guy is, but man is he... blurry.

As for the showcase area, SETSIG hosted a workshop on Universal Design for Learning. In fact, I'm sitting in the wasteland of what only hours ago was that workshop space. The first step in Universal Design, after all, should be experiencing complete lack of it.

I have to say that today was really just overwhelming. At least I'm not the only one who looks overwhelmed. One of the greeters upstairs in the games area was joking that next year she's going to make her set-up less comfortable to chat in because she spent all day long talking and talking and talking to folks pouring through.

But those crowds are steadily streaming out of the convention center. Off into the chaos of Chinatown; leaving one hyper-experience for another.

And with that, I'm off for the day.

from NECC,

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