Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smart Mobs on Mob Smarts

Smart Mobs has got a wealth of thought provoking posts regarding the links between mobile communication, networking, and social action.

Some of this is disturbing stuff; some of it is compelling in its witness of human compassion. All of it is very telling of the ethical and analytical dilemmas faced by a society living within a global network.

And I would consider Rheingold's book to be required reading -- especially for teachers.

Because students ask teachers questions. And though we may rarely -- if ever -- have the answers, we can at least give context. That's what this book does.

It gives the context for understanding social change in these networked times.

And by reflecting on the nature of the societal changes brought about by social networking, we teachers can have a better understanding of the context in which our students' questions are asked.

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