Thursday, February 05, 2009

What will 'thinking' look like?

A reader writes:

I am completing my Thesis on the effects of Digital Media in the classroom and prediction of what it will be like in 5 years.

I am excited when I look at what's going on in academia with regards to education and technology. I think, as a rule, tech/ed and ed/neuro are the best things going in ed school classrooms right now.

As for five-year predictions, let's just say that my cellphone is more powerful than the laptop I had five years ago. Predictions are such a tricky thing in this environment. In general I think rather than predicting what classrooms will look like and how they will work in the future, it's more exciting to think about what people will 'think' like in the future. Because what history tells us over and over again is that more than anything else, technology -- whether papyrus or the printing press or the Internet -- allows for the distribution of fresh ideas and new ways of thinking about ideas.

What will those ideas look like?

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  1. So you propose that we can 'see' thinking! Great idea! Thinking is not something I would expect to be able to look at. One thing is certain: the more platforms available for pursuing an idea, the more possibilities there are that thinking can be revealed. And in that sense, then, we can 'see' thinking.


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