Friday, February 20, 2009


Weblogg-ed is thinking about Clive Thompson's smart take on what we use personal computers for:

Estimates are that netbooks will hold 12 percent of the world’s entire laptop market next year, which is amazing when you think that the Eee PC is less than two years old. And their adoption says a lot about how we think about our computers these days.


  1. Great artilce and links. I was just thinking this morning that I don't really need MS Office or iPhoto or anything like that for my teaching. I could easily get by with a netbook and use Google Docs, Twitter (if they unblock it), and a variety of other web 2.0 tools. Even things like Kidspiration have an online equivilant.

    I think the only thing I'd like to have is iTunes. That rules out Linnux but MS netbooks are still an option.

    Great post! Good to see that schools are adopting this and people are looking in it.

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