Monday, February 09, 2009

Another Wi-Fi City

A reader writes:

Here in Minneapolis, we have a city-wide Wi-Fi system. There is a charge. However, there is something called a 'Community Garden' that is free to anyone with a wireless card. Mostly for community resources and schools. I'd love to see full access given to families that are enrolled in Minneapolis public schools.

It's great that Minneapolis has gone Wi-Fi!

In terms of the benefit to students, it's really going to be important that they can get connected OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL because that's where things are really gonna happen -- things like the self-discovery of personal responsibility towards one's work and research, a recognition of the global nature of knowledge, and -- perhaps most importantly -- PERSONAL EPIPHANY.

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  1. Self-discovery, personal responsibility, global recognition and personal epiphany. That, my friend, is education. Love the new picture!


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