Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Another reader fed up with the way Ed Tech is treated:

People are in denial of just how important technology is to our world now and people need to help the schools of today out and keep them up to date with the technology of the era. Ed tech plays an extremely important role to our future and it needs to be taken into consideration instead of ignored.

As I talk to more folks -- especially teachers -- I see that what we're really experiencing is a 'Boy Cries Wolf' moment in education. For years, theorists and professional development organizers have been rehashing and recycling the same old ideas and presenting them as both something new and something that we just won't be able to live without. Everything that's old is new again. This turned teachers off. Parents too.

Now, we're in a situation where the wolf -- the Digital Age -- is actually upon us, and a lot of folks aren't willing to deal with the situation because they've been burned so many times before.

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