Thursday, February 12, 2009

Using Google Docs to Grade Student Essays Online

Reader Kax has got a great idea for grading student essays online:

I am having students use Google Documents to write their assignments and then share the document with me. I can grade them at school or at home and can type my comments right into their document.

You can also open up the Google Doc and share it with classmate partners or teams of students for peer review. Google Docs will actually track the changes each Doc member makes, so you can even grade students on the quality of their editing by going back and looking through the history of each revision on an individual contributor level (sort of like what you can do on Wikipedia when you check the history of a wiki).

Good stuff, Kax!


  1. We are trying to do everything on Google docs too, and it is working really well so far. Instead of using writers notebooks, we put everything into an online journal. Students can also do Power Points and Excel worksheets with Google docs, and I can grade them anywhere. We also use the many templates that already exist-just link them to the class website and your prep is done!

    Any chance of teachers posting links to their online class pages so we can compare notes?

  2. I've been using GoogleDocs to mark work, too. We are a tablet school so I have them Jing their work into a table; this way, I can ask different students to Jing different questions. I can then comment-it-up.

    We do use OneNote to "write" our work; although there is a way to sync OneNotes so that I can view their work on my tablet we've never got it to work consistently and without corrupting files from time-to-time.

  3. I love this idea!

    I'll take a step further. You can use the Google Forms (inside Google Docs). Create a form for them to fill out and it goes directly to a spreadsheet in your Google Docs. Perfect for feedback, exit slips, or quick information sharing.

    I need to look into Jing a bit more to see how I can make it work in my classroom.

  4. I have used Goggle docs for close to two semesters now for students' group lab reports. Students work collaboratively on a lab report. I grade after a week. I use insert comments. iPad just came out today. Sad to see that the editing portion is not live on iPad. You can only view the google Docs. Looking into compatibility with iwork apps for iPad.


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