Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I could write on and on about all of the potential technologies that you could use in your classroom and still not be up to speed with the state of the art. We are living in an age where the road keeps getting longer... I think of this blog basically as a way to make your ride along it more comfortable and more exciting. But make no mistake: you've gotta make this drive. You have no choice. It's a one-way street and where it leads, we don't know. But there's no going back.

All of us teachers know an educational theory when we see one. They're those things that come up in professional development meetings that insist that you think in a new way, yet in the closer analysis prove to be regurgitations of old ideas. Well, it's a bit different in the case of the Paperless Classroom. Because the Paperless Classroom is not an educational theory. Essentially, I see it as a cultural phenomenon. The Paperless Classroom does not tell you what to teach. It does not try to make you feel better, more accomplished, less vulnerable, etc.

It just is.

And it's the way it will be. Not because 'paperless' is 'paperless' for its own sake. But because the 'Paperless Classroom' represents just another manifestation of the way in that culture-at-large is shifting away from static die-cast molds and towards dynamic and ever-changing fields of vision.

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  1. The notion of a paperless classroom offers a wholly new ethical engagement in the proposition of teaching and that is truly exciting.


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