Friday, February 27, 2009

Perhaps my kids are not the only ones...

... addicted to Pixton.

A reader writes:

I find Pixton to be, not a substitute for drawing, but a complement to it. To a serious artist, it is a quick way to try out scenes and poses (and color combinations), and it stimulates creativity. I have not yet found Pixton's limits.

I like the idea here that it "stimulates creativity". In other words, although it could be, Pixton is not in and of itself necessarily the end-product. Like the best aspects of Web 2.0 technology -- as well as the best practices for the classroom -- it is open, flexible, and ongoing. It's an ideal brainstorming tool; and in a sense, to use it is to take part in a visual brainstorming exercise.


  1. I tend to prefer video/animation rather than comics; we've been using to "stimulate creativity". As someone who can't draw (i.e. doesn't think anything he draws is good enough) I find myself much more free to be creative with language and motion rather than focusing on the actual drawing.

  2. Good news, we will be premiering Pixton as the world's first remixable animated comic next month!

    Easily create keyframe animations or choose from a range of presets, to produce your own animated comics, ready for the world to view and remix.

    You will be able to watch real-time comic animations on the website, embed in blogs, upload to YouTube, and view on mobile phones.

    Stay tuned at!


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