Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Teaching with DIY Digital Flashcards

So, I've put together a brief presentation about the digital flashcards I'm using with my West Civ students.

I know that when most people hear the word 'flashcard' they think 'rote memorization'. I think though, that the concept of the flashcard can be turned on its head in the Digital Age.

Check out the presentation and tell me what you think.


  1. Pretty neat stuff! You have some lucky students! I wonder though, if the typical flashcard format (meaning a box with fixed dimensions and limited space), is best for this. Might a wiki that the class can contribute resources to and more easily organize work better?

  2. Your screencast is informative, creative, and personably presented. Thanks for the tip on embedding videos in Google App presentations. Please let us know how beneficial your students find the flashcards to be and what further ideas you and they come up with during the learning process.

  3. I'm a high school librarian and I thought your presentation is great. I look forward to trying these ideas with my students. My only comment is that, when creating these flashcards, I hope you take the opportunity to review (I'm sure your school librarian would be happy to help teach this) intellectual property concepts and have students cite their sources right on the cards.

  4. This is a good idea, and I think I'll be doing something similar once we come back from spring break. Thanks for the idea.

  5. I agree with the first comment. Is there a certain benefit to using a Google presentation to create the "flashcard-like" format? Why not create a wiki page for each term and have students add images, videos, and text to the page? It sure seems like it would fit better and the video/images could be larger. I guess this method could be used for a change of pace if you already have the students working extensively in a wiki.

  6. @Chris and Anon

    We use wikis extensively in class, for everything from collaborative bio/biblio-graphies to the way we run an open syllabus.

    But for the purpose of studying for exams, wikis can be a bit overwhelming.

    I prefer the digital flashcard format precisely because each student makes their own and a limited amount of information fits on each.

    I don't want the flashcards to be "comprehensive" per se; rather, they are meant to be a study aid -- like paper flashcards, but... well... including things like video and hyperlinks.

    The purpose is to help students recall knowledge while at the same time integrating links and intermedia that point to places online to extend learning.

    - Shelly

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