Monday, March 01, 2010

A Student Challenge to Go Paperless for Earth Day

Woke up to a pleasant surprise.

Turns out that the Green Team at South Middle School has challenged their entire student body to go paperless for Earth Day!

Would love to hear about other schools taking on the pledge school-wide. As of right now, over 430 teachers from around the world have taken the pledge to go paperless on April 22, 2010, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day

You can pledge by clicking here!


  1. An interesting idea. Students however are not the biggest users of paper in school. Administration and Faculty are by far the largest producers of papers and they do it with copy machines!!

    Pledge to turn off all copy machines in a school for earth day. Not just not to use them, but to turn them off!!!

  2. So awesome to see that this movement is really picking up steam. I thought I'd pass along a resource for you that might encourage other teachers to go paperless. It's a blog post about how one teacher helped convert her classroom into a paperless classroom using Office Live Workspace:

    Keep up the great work and hope Earth Day is a big success!

    Microsoft Office Live Outreach


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