Thursday, March 25, 2010

Over 900 Teachers Have Pledged to Go Paperless for Earth Day 2010

A good couple days. We're at the end of the quarter and it's springtime!

So, I'm taking a break from JingCrits for a Paperless Earth Day update. As of 3PM EST, there were 906 teachers worldwide who had taken the pledge to go paperless on Earth Day 2010!

The whole list is available online to view; everything is listed alphabetically by school -- so see how many folks from your school are taking part!

You can make your own pledge to teach paperless on Earth Day by clicking here and filling out the short form.

In addition, TeachPaperless has just started working with the Earth Day 2010 Action Center and, in an upcoming post, I'll have more information about what's going on there. Until then, join the Earth Day community of over 750,000 members and add TeachPaperless to your network!


  1. I've been paperless for five years. It's surprisingly easy and just requires a mind shift. This should be a given among adults and can be done easily in classrooms with netbooks. Need advice? Facebook Me at Lisa Velmer Nielsen.

    The Innovative Educator

  2. So I inadvertently posted that I would go paperless twice. I realized it too late.

  3. are teachers are also implementing these... all our assignments are sent via email... encinitas landscape are their aim!


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