Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Looking for a Twitter Map

Hey PLN! Got a question for you.

@schickbob is looking for an app that maps Twitter followers sort of like ClustrMaps does for folks who drop by your webpage.

I've tried foller.me and the Yahoo Pipes maps, but found the first far too clunky and the latter limited in its usage to only 100 followers.

I'm looking for something more substantial.

And so my question is: Do you use or know of any quality Twitter map services?

(Eagerly awaiting responses).


  1. I don't know of any that do it automatically, but I have seen people create a Google Map and ask their PLN to mark themselves on it.

  2. You could try www.TwtMaps.com -- it shows the locations of your followers, plus a line from their bio.

  3. @msadrienne

    Tried it. And got completely inaccurate reports. Hmm.

    Still searching.


  4. Hi, I'm the author of the Yahoo Pipe you mention above.

    I have another pipe that plots up to 500 tweeps on a map but it still might not be what you're looking for:

    * 500 people are _slow_ to plot on a map
    * 500 people means that the pipe breaks more often (Twitter sometimes blocks it)
    * It plots people you follow, not your followers (quite similar for most twitter useers)

    Plotting loads of points on a map has limitations. If you have a lot of twitter followers you might be better off creating a heat map once per day.

    I suppose putting together a script to create a heat map might be a fun project for when I get a free weekend. Hit me up on twitter if you want to discuss it (@andymurd on there too).


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