Saturday, February 06, 2010

Crowdsourcing Questions

The Freshmen in my West Civ class are crowdsourcing questions and ideas for their daily blog posts. Check out and leave a 'daily' or two.

We'd especially like questions from your students!


  1. Shelly, this is a great idea and is one that I'll work to get my students to contribute to. Do you have any criteria for how the questions should be formulated (e.g. they must begin with "how" or "why"), the topics they should deal with, or the genre of historical question they should be (e.g. change over time or compare-contast)?

    Also, is anyone with a Wikispaces account able to edit and contribute to your class wiki? My students all have Wikispaces accounts, so this shouldn't be too difficult (hopefully). Is there any particular way you'd like the students to contribute these questions (e.g. submitted to this blog? post directly to the wiki? signed with one's name?)



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