Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just Browsing...

An observation.

I take occasional polls of my students to gauge where their feelings are on a variety of issues. So, last year I had taken a poll asking which browser they liked best. 80% reported using Internet Explorer and 20% used Firefox.

Took the same poll this week. The results: 1% Internet Explorer, 4% Firefox, 95% Google Chrome.



  1. I kinda make them use OPERA. First few lessons bringing laptops to class installing OPERA, setting thumbnail faves :D. Step 2, installing Google Chrome as backup for certain apps that won't load on Opera.

  2. What do you use? Do you make suggestions for students?

  3. @Ben

    I'd been a long time Firefox user, but a few weeks back I started playing around with Chrome (thanks to students' requests that I 'get with it'). And with few exceptions (including ironically its poor performance when re-arranging layouts in Blogger), I've been very happy with it.


  4. It is what I would have expected - that incognito window is SO useful

  5. I used to only use Firefox. A few months ago I switched to Chrome, and I love it. I haven't thought about asking what my students prefer.

    I am glad to see that I am not the only teacher who asks survey questions regarding students and technology.


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