Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dreaming of a Post-Screen Future

I spend far too much time behind a computer screen.

So I dream of a post-screen future. A future where the major trends in contemporary computing -- social media, the cloud, touch surfaces, interconnected telecommunication and video, and augmented reality -- meet with the built environment.

As computing becomes more cloud based and less 'personal' device intensive, we're going to see a surge in smart buildings and smart environments. Surface-based interaction and AR merging with both interior and exterior interactive supergraphic architecture will ultimately replace the concept of devices themselves, let alone screens.

While you might carry a small device for personal communication and connection to information, that device will only be a key to unlock the computing potential of the built environment itself.

Eventually, the architecture of our built environment will itself become the access point and the built environment, infrastructure, and architecture itself will be the 'device'. The environment of life and digital access will be same thing.

And we'll laugh about how we used to lead sedentary lives beholden to a screen.

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