Tuesday, February 02, 2010

For New Readers: Three from the Archive

I've noticed a lot of new readers showing up at TeachPaperless. Welcome!

Here's a selection of articles that lots of folks here have commented on and which, I think, will give all you new readers a sense of the type of writing and conversation you'll find on the blog everyday.

Why Teachers Should Blog

There is no substantial qualitative definition of a blog. Blogs, or rather blogging platforms, just exist. The quality or essence of a blog is given meaning only via what the author does with the blog and how the blog is responded to.

And in my mind what this means is that I blog and what I blog -- and how that message is received by others -- tells me what I think.

And it tells me how I think.

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The Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology

We have already produced babies who will see the 22nd century. So let’s stop trying to prepare them for the 20th. The Internet as it exists today is equivalent to the Model A; let’s be wise for once and not build the highway of the future with the notion that our kids are going to be driving Model As on it.

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The Five-Minute Twitter Verb Crunch Drill

This is the outline of a five minute verb crunch drill I've been using with my Latin I, II, and III students. You and your kids will need to be comfortable using Diigo, Twitter, & Twitterfall, but the payoff has been great.

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