Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Wave is Headed Our Way

(How) will it change things? And (as important): are we ready (whether it does or doesn't)?

Today's the day folks signed up for the early invites are supposed to start hearing back from Google.

I'm thinking a year out from today, the social tech landscape looks a whole lot different. Now, that's not really much of an audacious claim given what's happened over the last year or two.

So for us teachers, the real question is: what's your school's plan for dealing with the next evolution of the Net (Wave or otherwise)?

Is your faculty using the war stories related to the pain of pulling schools into the age of social tech as a foundation and a strategy of how to be prepared for the next step rather than have to play continual catch-up with the culture at large?

Because if we're not ready for the real-time hoopla of the coming semantic web and its visual and idiomatic offshoots, then the only thing we've proven is that we really don't understand how to capitalize on the means of engagement and connection that the Web ever more exponentially keeps offering us.

You wanna still be debating whether to let your students use Twitter three years down the road?

Let's push this thing. Let's get this century started.


  1. I read many blogs about teaching and tech. Yours stand out in the crowd. I like today's post...let's push this thing. Well said.

  2. Well said. I am happily awaiting my Wave invite and looking forward to sharing with those in our district as we continue to work smarter not harder.


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