Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paperless Friday: a Saturday Reflection

Over a hundred teachers told me that they went paperless yesterday.

A hundred. That's quite a few given that they were responding to a Tweet that went out late last night.

I'm digging this Paperless Friday thing. And I'm going to make it my year's mission to document what you all are doing to go paperless this year. So, send me your stories and ideas and each Friday I'll post my favorites.

And remember: the 'paperless' classroom isn't just about saving paper; it's about using social tech and the advantages of the Internet to spur dynamic learning.

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  1. I subscribe to your blog. A couple of weeks ago, they began converting my PC lab to a Mac lab. The week we were off the computers, I decided to talk about operating systems, so I had my 3rd-5th graders watch the Mac vs PC commercials on youtube. I created a "listening sheet" to help them make the comparison. Realizing I had over 300 students to present the lesson to, I decided instead of printing off that many sheets of paper (only to be thrown in the trash after the lesson) I would create a multiple choice quiz and post it on my blog for us to do as a class. I went to to create the quiz. It worked out great! You can see it at Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration!


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