Monday, September 21, 2009

Most Read Posts: TeachPaperless Feb 2 - Sept 21 2009

According to Feedburner, these are the eleven most read posts on TeachPaperless since I started writing daily back in February of '09. I post this list here for new readers to catch up on our conversation as well as a reminder to long time readers of just what we've mulled over and debated in this discussion.

01. Why Teachers Should Blog
02. Five Ways to Stop Cheating
03. The Library of Congress Offers Teachers Independence from Textbooks
04. A Letter to the Teachers of My Children
05. A Young Teacher Reflects on Twitter in the Classroom
06. Response to a Criticism About Using Twitter in the Classroom
07. The Problem with 'Naked Classrooms'
08. At the End of the Anomaly of the Age of Printed Books
09. This is Zeitgeist Stuff
10. The Boy Who Cried Tech
11. The Top 11 Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology

One of the most personally invigorating things about this blog is that it gives me the chance to put thoughts out there, take part in debate, and really discover what it is that I think about these matters. I thank all of you for your support, willingness to challenge me, and general digital camaraderie over the last (nearly) nine months.

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