Friday, September 18, 2009

Paperless Fridays

Here's a challenge that went out on Twitter last night and has been gaining steam:
Hey PLN: let's make Fridays paper-free this year. No copies, handouts, notebooks. Just discuss & connect, tech or otherwise. Plz RT!

What do you say? You all up for the challenge?

Make Paperless Friday a tradition at your school, and spread the word.


  1. Might have to make it paperless Thursday, Friday is weekend in most Middle Eastern countries. Great initiative, though. I love the idea. Looking forward to the reactions.
    Thanks Tamas

  2. I think this is a great idea!

    One paperless thing I was thinking about incorporating into my classroom was student voice recordings, using a site like Students would have to call into some number and record a response to a relevant question. The recording would be saved on their snapvine voice blog and they could just send me the link.

    It'd help me to hear how they think through their answers and give them a chance to talk through problems b/c, as we know, when you explain things, you understand them better.

    Have you done anything like this? or anything similar? was the only site I found that would let them just call into a number and record, but i wonder if there are other sites or similar technologies available that could also work.


  3. I used paper on Friday, I have to admit. But it wasn't a worksheet. It was a handout of five pages, Book One of the MEDITATIONS of Marcus Aurelius, that I downloaded from Project Gutenberg. We read aloud from it, and interpreted what he meant in modern words and examples, and argued whether he was right or not.

    I think it was in the spirit of Paperless Friday, if not precisely in the letter.

    Once my school's wiki gets up and running (Monday, they tell me), I'll move to paperless Fridays absolutely.


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