Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Paperless Friday

So what are you doing to get off paper?

Lots of ideas have been coming in through Twitter all day, and I've had some great conversations with folks both in person as well as this morning during the Friday Chat. It's looking more and more like 'paperless' isn't all that difficult after all.

Earlier in the week I spoke with Bob, the teacher I've been helping out on Web 2.0 matters here at school. Turns out he hasn't used a single sheet of paper in his Freshman Human Geography course so far this year.

That's right: zero paper.

I'm waiting for him to start writing a blog; it'll surely make its way into my RSS Reader.

Twitter Search #paperless for more ideas!


  1. I just noticed these figures on the cost of paper in offices. Look at for some sobering statistics.

    Thank you so much for encouraging us to teach paperless!

  2. This year I have started using for online testing. It is working pretty well. I have a testing station set up in the room...but sometimes students are involoved in their other work in the class and forget to go take the test! We'll keep at it. I am new to it. But I like that I am using way less paper.

  3. Missed your tweet (twitter is blocked.) I use wikispaces, a blog, and united streaming for quizzing. Am happy to use very little paper.


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