Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teachers are Going Paperless for Earth Day

Teachers are celebrating the 40th annual Earth Day by going paperless in their classrooms.

Nearly Over 1,400 teachers from six continents have pledged to go paperless for Earth Day [updated 4.21]. They are sharing ideas and documentation of their experiences on the Paperless Earth Day Wiki which has been created especially for the event as well as on educator Steve Katz's "Going Paperless" Google Doc.

The pledge drive is being supported by the Earth Day Network as well as a word-of-tweet network of educators on Twitter.

TeachPaperless will be working over the next two days to help teachers work out last minute paperless plans and to help them document their work. Follow @TeachPaperless to get the latest information and to keep up with the paperless discussion.

Teachers can sign the pledge to go paperless on Earth Day by following this link to the Pledge Form.

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  1. Even in the office, you can go paperless! I remember back when we were in a certain Washington DC meeting space, the people were encouraged to use their laptops (since most of the people there have one) instead of paper. At least, the transfer of files is going to be easier. When most of the people from the other branches were in those meeting rooms, Washington DC branch's boss would encourage the same thing. He pointed out that not using paper saves a lot of space. I hope all teachers would support this so that their schools can make better use of all that paper.


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