Friday, April 23, 2010

Paperless Earth Day: What Teachers Did

One of my favorite things to have come out of yesterday's Paperless Pledge is the documentation teachers have been making of their day's classroom experiences.

Dave Glenn, a 6th grade teacher from North Carolina, blogged about his paperless day using Make Believe Comix with students.

Andrea Schlager's 3rd grade class made a podcast documenting their Paperless Earth Day experience.

Ann Leaness and her class cleaned up the front entrance to their school.

Other teachers wrote about recycling initiatives, applying Web 2.0 to Earth Day, Zimmertwins, digital photography in math class, bike rides and waste-free lunches, and student blogging.

Throughout the day, teachers participating in the paperless pledge contributed to our Paperless Earth Day Wiki. From Glogster and digital camera scavenger hunts in math class to digital science projects to online collaborative storytelling to conversations with experts via TodaysMeet: you'll find projects, ideas, and dynamic and collaborative paperless alternatives -- some high tech and some lo tech -- that you can incorporate into your own teaching.

I look forward to hearing many more stories about paperless Earth Day, and I encourage you all to post documentation of your experiences to the Paperless Earth Day Wiki. Thanks!


  1. Joyson | Ning Alternatives

    Paper Earth Day!!very informative. . I am looking forward to read more post about paper earth day!!!!thanks a lot!!!!!!

  2. Thanks again for the challenge, inspiration and coordination. And thanks for the mention. -dg

  3. I presented in March 2010 at CUE in Palm Springs, CA: "Paperless Education," and I will present tomorrow "Cloud Computing Leads to Paperless Education," room 501-502 (ISTE 2010). I also have observed how much paper we still use. Did you also get tons of mailings before coming here? I was told I that for the poster presentation I could print student works to have at my table. This contradicts the purpose of my presentation. So I just did half sheets with the links to the presentation and videos I created. Ironic, isn't it?

  4. Really..we can do it..without inviting any paper-work in the class-rooms.,but ..can we keep this fact in mind..that day by day.the learning-interests and the mode of using experiences of a classroom by new generation of students.......... decreasing. So how much this programme will be effective for those learners., who are in practice of repeating work exercises..after their lessons...


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