Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Learning Today: On the Paperless Classroom Earth Day Pledge

Thanks to 'Learning Today's' Educational Software Blog for writing a piece on the Paperless Classroom Earth Day Pledge!

Lots of love to all of the folks who have been spreading the word as we count down to April 22nd. All we need is twenty teachers to sign the pledge today and we'll hit 1100!

See the list of teachers and schools that have taken the pledge, and then click here to take the pledge yourself.

Pass it on to friends and colleagues!

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  1. Going paperless in the classroom - great idea!

    Think about all the paperless teaching going on right now with online learning. In fact, when students engage with instructional material in an online environment, many trees are spared and there's a huge reduction in the volume of paper waste. This is one more big plus for distance learning in our technology-enhanced world.


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