Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paperlessness: First Come, First Served

Took a few days off before our final push to Earth Day.

Now, I'm ready to go.

Each day leading up to April 22, I'll be posting customized ideas for going paperless in your classrooms. Basically, if you give me a topic/objective and your tech capabilities, I'll give you a lesson plan/idea. If you don't want to use tech, that's fine; I'll come up with an alternative.

Basically, I'm offering three years of paperless experience to help you design paperless lessons that will work for you on Earth Day.

First come, first served; I'll do as many as I can and post them on the Paperless Earth Day Wiki.

Meanwhile, please remind your colleagues to join 1,300 of their colleagues and pledge to go paperless for Earth Day!


  1. Hi there,
    I'd like to take you up in the offer on Thursday. I've not signed up yet but I will do. Topics for me are the UK election, and then Earth day. The UK election is a 50 min lesson, as part of PSHE and Earth day is with my form group and is a 25 minute session. I've got google wave so I could joint plan if you like. I have and IWB with Internet connection and if I'm quick enough to book them, access to 24 netbooks!

  2. @GT

    Great! Book those netbooks. Any chance you have a video camera? With the recent televised debate in the UK, it might be cool to have the students create and take part in their own video debate.

    They could research the debate itself; identify the main questions asked; and then form teams to debate those questions themselves. Each team could have a researcher -- looking up source information online; a "speechwriter" coming up with concise and snappy debating soundbites based on what the researcher finds; and a lead debater who will actually argue the case.

    You'd also have teams acting as questioners and reporters/commentators. The questioners would be in charge of leading the debate and the reporters/commentators could use Twitter -- or TodaysMeet or the like -- to report on what's being said in the debate, critiquing arguments, and "keeping score".

    I'm thinking outloud here. Let's talk on Wave. Get in touch with me on Twitter (@TeachPaperless) and I'll DM you my addy there.


  3. Sounds excellent. Will message you my wave account in Twitter

  4. Thanks for the help, really looking forward to teaching the planned lesson. I'll put up any ppoints/ resources on google docs

  5. Awesome idea, and awesome follow through. It has been great to watch the number of people sign up for this on twitter. I can remember seeing a tweet about making it to 250 teachers signing up for it! keep up the great work


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