Monday, August 31, 2009

Wiki Syllabus

Spent the day working on a new wiki syllabus for the grad class I'm teaching this semester on the topic of social tech in education.

Yes, that's right: Wiki Syllabus.

Because, over the course of the semester, I want and will encourage my students to update, remix, and redesign my syllabus. I want them to own it. I want it to reflect their needs.

I'll be meeting with them again on Thursday and will be presenting the new wiki to them. After I do, I'll make it available online for all of you to see as well. Both for you to see some of the resources I've gathered as well as to see what it is that young teachers just entering the field really want.

Syllabus as ever-changing adventure. That's the paperless way.

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  1. I love the idea of a protean syllabus to give the class what they need. You are quite fortunate to have an environment to have so much freedom.

    I pitched the idea of a cur-wiki-lum to my admins about 2 years ago. It was met with a combination of amusement, saying aloud sounds like Elmer Fudd, and horror. They found it incredulous that I could even suggest the idea of a fluid curriculum.


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