Thursday, August 27, 2009

JHU Social Tech and Education

Everyone is welcome to check this out (it's the homework for my social tech in ed / paperless classroom students... we just finished our first class).

1. Complete Weebly homepage; you should have pages for 'news', 'twitter feed', and 'social media links' -- please comment below with the url of your published page.

2. Get on Twitter, add me, follow folks who were part of our conversation (you can find the conversation by searching @TeachPaperless ) -- I expect to see you Tweeting no less than two or three times a day; you get out of the network what you put into the network.

3. Start Diigo account. Go to Weblogg-ed, find an article you fancy, and leave public comment annotations.

4. Go to , sign up and start a new blog. Make at least one post on your impressions of the video and your impressions of what this class is going to be like (and feel free to be cruel... just be cool).

See you in a week... (actually will probably see you on Twitter).

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  1. There is an activity that some blogs use to teach 2.0. They work through about a dozen activities such as the ones you've listed here. Do you know what it's called? I'd love to develop it for staff members.


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