Tuesday, August 11, 2009

RPG Club

Working on setting up an RPG/MMOG club at school.

Although I've been gaming for quite a long time, I'm new to the idea of organizing something like this.

I'd love to hear ideas from folks actively working with gaming in education both in terms of what works and what doesn't. And, in terms of the club, I am seeing this specifically as something extracurricular in nature -- a place to get away from the day-to-day of school-life, to explore new ideas, and to try out new identities/realities.

It's too often that kids -- and all of us, actually -- fall into the routines of where we 'fit in' to the roles we are obligated to in our communities. Role playing games allow for unique opportunities to take on and experiment with new roles. They offer opportunities for players to take on leaderships roles and handle open-ended and dynamic and ever-expanding problems.

Exactly the sorts of things we want students to play around with.


  1. I've often thought that kids could learn a ton from a text-based RPG such as a MUD/MUSH/MUX. The problem would be in making them interesting enough.

  2. Just watch your back with RPGs. Keep everything out in the open.

  3. I'm curious, what RPGs are you considering? Also, are you considering table top RPGs or just online MMOG games? (That seems a silly question on "Teach Paperless", but I think there's a lot of real value in table top RPGs due to the social interaction and creativity involved, and IMHO has increased benefits over the online ones -- but maybe that's my inner old school dork!)

  4. Rock on!!! Remember, if you roll a 1D100 and roll a 1...TELL NO ONE! However, if you do need help with any of it. Just let me know, you know where to find me.


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