Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tech Camp Isn't Just About Tech

Ok, so it wasn't a 'Nature Trail to Hell (in 3-D)', but my kids and I finished up tech camp early today so I took them on a nature walk around the campus.

Today was a good day. Tech camp consists of giving incoming students a day to work out all of the kinks of managing a computer in a 1:1 wireless environment. Even more than that, though, it gives incoming students a chance to meet and greet without the edginess of having to compete with the veteran students.

I had my kids -- all of whom were upperclassman transfers -- make little digital comics introducing each other. The art teacher took photos and collected the images for the yearbook. The kids got to know each other and they got to learn some of the basics about using their TabletPCs all in one fell swoop.

And, finishing up early enough, we were able to spend a half hour out on the pond. Kids talking. Students getting to know a new school. The things the first day back should be about.

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