Tuesday, May 05, 2009

For the Glory

Only in the USA would we co-opt a regional Mexican historical stand against Napoleon III's invaders and turn it into a reason to close the bar at Applebee's.

And so, here at TeachPaperless, we say: Chain restaurants and beer distributors stole Cinco de Mayo from Zaragosa... we're stealing it back.

(Actually I quite like using 'we' to speak of myself in the editorial sense).

So, here's the deal: Send in your ideas for using Web 2.0 in the classroom. At the end of the day, an esteemed panel of judges (me and my cat) will decide who gets the glory and this year's title of Cinco de Mayo Ed Tech Visionary of 2009! And why not Tweet yr idea to @TeachPaperless so that everybody can see it.

I've already received three submissions and it's only 6:25AM EST, which just goes to show that Ed Tech folks are obsessive freaks; this should be fun.


  1. Web 20 in Spanish
    Ning as a tool for blogging and commenting on classmates" blogs in a Spanish class. One rule: All in the target language. Network is by invite and replaces paper journals. It has a chat feature, too!
    Students love it!

  2. If I could I'd have all my students take pictures of icons and symbols and find photos that represent freedom to them, get flickr or photbucket to host the pics, stick them all into http://www.collagr.com/ and create a cool collage. Too bad there are so many barriers for me to be able to do that.

  3. Using Blogtalk Radio to host your own homework call in show for your foreign language students. Use blogtalk radio to broadcast school events.

    Put Skype on every computer in the school and use it as an intercom and walkie talkie like tool

    Form a Tweet group and use Twitter to give out assignments.

    Create electronic portfolios in Blogger


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