Saturday, May 09, 2009

Comment Moderation is Bogus

A reader Tweets to complain that I blocked his comment.


Allow me to present my number one rule: No Censorship.


Comment moderation is totally bogus and if you are using it, you should stop. If you are afraid of being spammed, just put some spam firewalls in the way. But the whole concept of comment moderation is so completely out of step with what we are trying to do with blogs and Web 2.0 that it really is nothing less than an embarrassment.

I do not moderate my comments, I do not moderate my students' comments. Period.

If you've ever had trouble leaving comments on this blog, it was probably a Google/Blogger glitch. It's even happened to me: i.e. I've had issues leaving comments on my own blog. But those problems come few and far between and are usually related to cached sign-ins.

So feel free to comment yr hearts out on this blog. Just don't go spreading rumors that I've been yanking 'em.


  1. I'm was the one who made the complaint.

    I submitted the comment; it was there, then it was gone.

    I was not "spreading rumours", I was reporting what happened to my comment.

  2. Then, by all means repost.

    I was peeved because you "reported" that I, and two other folks, "blocked" your comments.

    No one here (me) at TP blocked anything. My permissions are set for anyone to comment without any moderation. I'd be happy to send you a screenshot of my moderation permissions.

    Sounds like your comment was the victim of a typical Blogger glitch. Usually a cache or multiple user-ID problem.

    Try again if you like. I appreciate your comments, just like I appreciate yr blog.


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