Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't be afraid to talk openly to your parents about social media

I know, one of these Tweets ain't like the others... but check out this very interesting line of discussion we were having last night re: blocking.

I'll re-order it into transcript form here:
MissMarista: @TeachPaperless how do u make sure kids don't access inappropriate content on twitter?

TeachPaperless: @MissMarista I'm sure they do occasionally. But we talk about it openly. And in class I follow their feeds and do random spot checks.

MissMarista: @TeachPaperless parents don't complain?

TeachPaperless: @MissMarista No. In fact I've had a couple of parents thank me for being the first teacher to talk w the kid honestly about the Internet.

MissMarista: @TeachPaperless gosh that's open minded. a parent at my school complained to admin after colleague showed movie containing word "damn."

TeachPaperless: @MissMarista I don't mind if they complain: it means I've got their attention. Parent complaints are opportunities for community education.

bethstill: @TeachPaperless I have had the same response from parents. They appreciate honesty!

Moral of the story: Don't be afraid to talk openly to your parents about social media.

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