Friday, May 15, 2009

Augmented Reality apps: (Not so) Far Out...

Been talking about new ways of integrating tech with the 'real' world ever since seeing this video of Pattie Maes from MIT, demonstrating the work of Pranav Mistry.

Thinking alot about how we tend to view the Internet almost exclusively through various 'screens'. Why do we limit our digital networks to what we can fit on a screen? What if we could drag the digital and ephemeral world into the physical and concrete world?

Augmented Reality starts to go there. Here's a post from ReadWriteWeb that introduces Wikitude, an Android mobile app.

Still, even in AR, the problem is one of 'screens': in bringing the digital realm into the physical are we just using the physical realm as a 'screen'?

Is there a different way of thinking about this?

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