Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Like Insects Living in an Ancient Tree

TeachPaperless readers are just like my students in one respect: they remind me on a daily basis that there is a great variety of thought out there -- much greater than many-a-folk would want to have you believe.

Thanks for all the comments and emails. You all keep me busy.

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  1. "Like Insects Living in an Ancient Tree"...

    ...that will eat it from the inside out until the tree falls over, dead?

    ...that will all be displaced when the tree is turned into paper?

    ...that will be fumigated by humans, to maintain the livelihood of the tree, but kill all the insects?

    A little "variety" to start your day :) I prefer the analogy, "Like Bacteria Coexisting and Co-habitating the Inside an Intestine"...but that would bring out a more "ewwww" than a thoughtful "hmmmm" reaction. Gotta thank NPR Talk of the Nation that reference :)


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