Wednesday, April 15, 2009


A reader writes:
Also, I had a little concern that your latest cartoon may be fodder for the anti-intellectual crowd. Just a thought.

Yes, I considered this. But in the end, I decided to publish.

The problem in theoretical circles is the tendency for folks to adhere to a theory out of some sense of allegiance. In other words, social theories often become obscured by the political in that realm where the theory becomes more important than how it is applied or what results prevail. Same thing happens in the art world. And in sports. All of which are things I love, but I do think they are all things that are strengthened rather than weakened by a dose of reality.

I tend to think that if a theory is worthwhile it will be able to withstand criticism. Perhaps I've got a bit of the iconoclast in me, but I think that intellectuals need to be shaken up and held accountable just as much as anti-intellectuals need to be argued and demonstrated against at every turn.

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