Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Paperless!

Teachers are trying out the paperless path!

Just got a Tweet from @concretekax:
Used 5.34 pieces of paper/student for 9 week class mostly graph paper and my principle required a parent letter.

That's a good start.

It takes time to do the paperless thing... it's not just a matter of 'giving it up'. I staged it over three years: first year doing research, learning how to blog, and reading and writing blogs constantly; second year a) setting up class blogs and giving all of my assignments and exams exclusively online and b) getting kids used to using online texts as their 'main text'; third year a) setting up the students with their own personal blogs as a place to submit all classwork b) teaching students to use and evaluate the effectiveness of Web 2.0; next year will mark my first year with zero physical books -- all readings/books will be online.

I have the good fortune of having my Latin students for at least three years, which gives us a real opportunity to figure out what works and what doesn't. In fact, they help make all of our decisions about what tech to use.

It's a process.

Glad to hear of teachers trying it out. Would love to hear more stories.

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