Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Comments on the '21st Century Skills Incentive Fund Act'

Lots of freaking out over at Core Knowledge and Common Core on Senator Rockefeller's '21st Century Skills Incentive Fund Act' which was introduced into the Senate back in '07 and apparently may be reintroduced this spring.

Much of the consternation comes from the language in the proposal that reads that to be 'eligible' for incentive funds, a state: "is approved as a 21st Century Partner State by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for 21st Century Skills."

This in and of itself is bone-headed to the max.

Over the course of the next few posts, I'll suggest -- from the point of view of a teacher who on a daily basis actually uses and teaches 21st century skills within the context of a 1:1 computing high school arts and humanities program -- exactly what it is that Rockefeller doesn't get about '21st Century Skills' in general, and why P21 -- even if they do have the best interest of students at heart -- really shouldn't be the face of this movement, let alone the arbiters of what is and is not considered aptly '21st Century'.

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