Monday, December 07, 2009

Guests Blogging on TeachPaperless!


Looking forward to a great series of guest posts coming soon on TeachPaperless!

Starting next week, I'm planning on publishing a guest post each Wednesday for several weeks; the guest bloggers are all members of this PLN.

They are: Shelley Krause, Heather Mason, Ben Knaus, Dan McGuire, and Andrew Carle.

And there may be more.

I love the idea that this blog can play a little role in facilitating both discussion and the type of culture we teachers want for both the benefit of our professional development as well as for our increase in ability as 21st century educators.

Thanks to the entire TeachPaperless PLN for your thoughts, criticisms, ideas, comments, refusal to accept easy answers, and especially for your fearless determination.

This blog would be nothing without each of you.

Fearless. Because we have to be.

-- Shelly


  1. I'd love to be a guest blogger, if you are still looking -

  2. I think it's great that you're opening up your blog to more writers. I'm trying to do that, but haven't gotten too much response to my invitation yet. Maybe you need a much larger reader-base to achieve that level of engagement.


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