Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tech Engaged by Default?

Interesting discussion today on WBUR's OnPoint radio show.

The subject was landlines and what their future looks like. And while we might joke that "the future don't look so hot" for 'em, in fact what we're seeing on the ground is a re-distribution of the whole organization of the way companies respond to the ways that we want to communicate with each other.

The way we communicate with one another.

What's more, one of the patterns I'm noticing is that of getting beyond the idea of 'obsolescence' as a singularly defined event and more towards an understanding of shift as a matter of true 'evolution'. I mentioned this a couple posts back and it was striking to hear how on the show this afternoon how it relates to the telecom industry (which now could more precisely be referred to as the communications/entertainment industry given the foothold of cable in the market).

One way or another, it sure as heck looks like culture, innovation, the individual, and the sheer power of digital communication are now caught in an inflating Möbius strip.

This is indeed Zeitgeist stuff.

And the more I think about it, the more I think that the majority of folks left on the fence about the role of tech in the 21st century are going to simply fall into the 'user' catagory by default as society changes around them.

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