Friday, December 18, 2009

Break Starts Now

Winter Break starts now!

I'll be blogging as usual daily through the break, and I welcome any suggestions you have for topics and conversations.

I'm particularly interested in hearing some more global perspectives from readers as I have relatively limited experience in that vein and I've been getting more requests for discussions with a global perspective.

So, all you teachers outside of the US: please share your thoughts, ideas, visions, and observations. Because paperlessness is borderless.


  1. One term that can is begining to take meaning is Cloud Learning Environment – examples include Google Apps for Educational Institutions. This is paperless, boundary or borderless and also the control of the learning environment is with the learners and academics.

    I have detailed my recent experiences and that of my students with Google Apps / Cloud Learning Environment here:

  2. I teach in Montreal(Quebec, Canada) and read your blog for inspiration and support. I am especially interested in the move to the paperless classroom and with my wikis and blogs, have made great strides in achieving my goal. Next year my high school is diving into the 1:1 laptop initiative but only with the grade 7 class. It's a pilot project. My role will change next year and I will be partly in the classroom and partly the 'ed-tech' teacher for the teachers. Any topic related to these subjects are very interesting. The biggest challenge will be getting the technophobes 'on board'. Suggestions, ideas and experience in this area would be helpful.

  3. I currently work in Germany. I teach English as a Foreign Language to very young children, teens, and adults. My adult classes have been paperless mostly due to technology and the discussions we have. However, I still struggle with making my children and teen classes completely paperless. I have limited the paper trail by bringing in my own laptop and Iphone. The children love this! We also play language games not on the computer. I love reading your blog. It is very inspiring.

  4. Trying to get educators who are used to paper and pencil revisions, etc to put those tools down and pick up the keyboard has been a struggle..I am just finishing my first semester of almost-paperless and have found other teachers to be my biggest obstacles at times...any ideas?


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